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THESE COOKIES CAN TALK! Well, sort of... customise your fortune messages for that  extra special gift, or prank your friends and enemies!

Forget the last time you had a boring, tasteless lame fortune cookie... these are fortune cookies reinvented. Made with all natural ingredients, real butter and delicious flavours which are constantly evolving.

Current flavours are Vanilla, Chocolate, Cinnamon sugar and Gingerbread.

Cookies can be packed in jars, cake boxes or individually wrapped.

Small batches made to order in Greenwood, WA

These cookies will bring happiness (or misfortunes if you're that kind of meanie) wherever they go. Choose from pre-made fortune themes, or customise your own:

  • Wedding favours

  • Birthday gifts

  • Babyshowers/ new parents

  • Father's/Mother's Day

  • Hens party

  • Christmas 'crackers'

  • Proposals

  • Gender reveal

  • ForTUNE karaoke cookies

  • MISfortune cookies

  • Conversation starters

  • Valentines

  • Corporate promotions

  • Trivia questions

  • Dad Jokes

.... and more!

It all started one Christmas with my family, when we lamented at the rubbish left by Christmas crackers (and their rubbish jokes... and who really wants to wear those paper hats anyway?). We thought, why not replace them with funny fortune cookies instead!

x Ramona

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